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Transponder Key

What Is A Transponder Key?

02 November 2015 by: admin   /   0 Comments   /   Categories: Keys

Widely known as the chipped keys, these transponder keys are basically the automotive ignition keys which have the signal-emitting circuits inside them. These are known to offer higher protection against intruders as your cars immobilize if the wrong key is used. Hence, it is important for you to know more about transponder keys. Find out here.

Transponder Key

With the passage of time, everyday things have turned to be more complex, but efficient. No more your cell phones are used for calling purpose, you can use them as cameras to record videos and do much more. Similarly several innovations have been made and now are part of our lives. The best example is the key you are using to drive your car. Yes, it is a transponder key. Today almost every car come equipped with transponder keys. Not only these are inexpensive, but also reduce the possibility of theft up to a great extent. Let's explore more about it.

What Is A Transponder Key?

Basically, a transponder key act as a device designed to transmit a radio signal simply from a handheld device to the remote receiver. Nowadays, these are used to unlock and start the vehicles. These keys are programmed to start a specific vehicle and thus, reduce the possibility of theft. It contains a transponder chip which helps prevent the vehicle theft. Being small in size, these are incredibly convenient to keep in your pockets, bags, etc.
The name, transponder arrives from the properties of the small chip places inside. It works as a transmitter and transponder, both. Hence, the mini electronic chip receives and transmits radio signals, and is customized to start a specific vehicle. As soon as you put the respective transponder key in the ignition and start the car, it is the engine control unit (ECU) which sends a radio signal to the key's transponder. On receiving the correct signal back from the transponder, the ECU will start the car. Hence, if the thief gets an identical key but not programmed identically, it will immobilize the car protecting it from burglars.

What are the benefits of a transponder key?

Almost all new cars today come with transponder keys. Here are some benefits these keys offer:

Safety: While buying a vehicle, the major concern of every buyer is regarding its safety. Well, over the years with help of technological advancements, the safety features for the cars have become advanced. And, there is no doubt that transponder keys are one of the most recent developments which has created a sense of security among the buyers. Therefore, most of the automobile manufacturers offer this special type of keys. The probability of car theft is highly reduced by using the transponder keys.
Functionally Better: Basically, these keys are nothing but the ignition keys with a difference that each of the transponder key is configured using a special set of unique codes. Making use of radio wave frequencies, these keys consist of circuits which are capable of emitting signals. Hence, you can expect them to work in a better and safer way. Moreover, they get charged on their own without a battery.
Automated Function: When it is inserted in the ignition of the car, these keys automatically get connected with your car's security device. After receiving the right radio wave frequency signal, the system processes the codes in the key, and then your car starts. In case the system cannot identify the code, it is impossible to start the car.
No Duplicate Keys: Well, it offers unparalleled safety. But do you know that these transponder keys cannot be duplicated? However, the manufacturer might provide you a spare key for your emergency requirements. Otherwise these keys are developed specifically to be used for a particular car.