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Top Solutions For Lost Car Keys

14 September 2015 by: admin   /   0 Comments   /   Categories: Keys, Locksmith

Losing car keys is quite often. The hectic schedules generally make it hard to remember where you left the keys. But, what more problematic is the consequences of key lost. Calling a locksmith or breaking the locks, what will be right, it is really hard to decide. Here is a little help for those who often lose their automobile keys.

Solutions For Lost Car Keys

You were in a night party, it is striking 12 in the clock and you are just about to leave the place. But suddenly you realize that you are missing something. Nothing can be more drastic than losing your car keys in such situation. But you cannot escape through this. Some time or the other it happens, that you misplace or break your keys. And you are helpless then. While exactly not, there is a lot you don't know could help you to come out of this situation.

Remember the below listed tricks, these might help you to get inside your car at that moment.

Try Hanger and Ruler Trick:

This one has worked for many and it might work for you too. All you need is a hanger. Just make its straight opening from its knob. Next, push it carefully from the window, making a way through the rubber casing places between the door and window just above the lock system. In this you need to fumble a little till in order to reach the knob. Once you are there, you need to push it through to the end. You work gets easier if you have a steel ruler. Just with little care, you need to push it against the door and if all goes well, the lock will open. You can now enter your car.

Tennis Ball Trick:

You are lucky if you get a tennis ball in such situation. Start with punching a hole through the ball. Doing so you will be able to create a vacuum inside so that you can use it to press the ball against the lock. Try to press it against the keyhole, meanwhile pushing it hard with the pressure. This will push the jammed lock through and cause it to open.

Call The Dealer:

If your dealer is somewhere near your location, then you can go for this option. But remember, while this is more logical, it will certainly cost you more in the long run. The reason being, your vehicle need to be towed to the dealer. And definitely, he will add the cost of towing the car to your bill. Next he will create a new key which is surely not less pricey. At times, it can be more time consuming.

Contact a Locksmith:

It is the only safest and easiest way to get out of this situation. You can look for a local locksmith in this situation.  Search online or ask for few word-of-mouth recommendations. You can count on the experienced, reputable, and skilled locksmith to take get new keys. They are proficient enough to offer you rapid and reliable solutions.

Hence, next time you forget your keys or lost them, just remember you need a locksmith number. Call them, they will arrive to your location and solve your problem!