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How to Open Door Without Keys?

31 August 2015 by: admin   /   0 Comments   /   Categories: Locksmith

Well, it is really hard to say that you will not forget or lose your keys ever. Once in a life time you get into such a situation. But, don't panic there is a solution to every problem. Find out your answer to locks with lost keys here.

How to open door without keys

Locks and keys are very important part of our lives. They keep our possessions, family and other valuable assets safe. And this is the reason why a lot of chaos is created when you lose your keys. There are many reasons to worry including the presence of burglars around, getting another key made and much more. If you have been in such a problem you might have come through the difficulties. But if you haven't been, even then you need to learn this.

First of all, you need to keep keys in a safe place. Make a fix place for them. While you are travelling take special care of your keys and most of the time you lose them in public place, where it is difficult to search down later. Another thing, if you hang them to a holder at homes or offices make sure it is at a distance from the doors and windows. Experts say that it is advisable to keep the keys out of visibility. But, in any case you have lost your keys, then what to do?

As far as opening a locked door without a key is concerned, it seems to be a difficult task. However, with help of few tools, you can attempt to create a key and open the door.

  • Try a screwdriver: When working with this tool, you need an appropriate one for your lock. The reason being screwdrivers are available in a variety of sizes. Bring them together, try a few and opt for the one that fits best. Meanwhile, just remember that you shouldn't put screwdriver too tight. Make sure it does not touch the sides of the walls of the lock. From one side to another side, you can gently jiggle the screwdriver. Apply a little pressure to open the door. If it works you are in!

  • Magical Allen wrench: When it comes to opening a lock without key, it is the most preferred tool. Having a grinder to shave the metal off, the Allen wrench is a small but useful tool. Hence, if you are in habit to lose keys, keep it handy. Try inserting the Allen wrench into the keyhole. Shortly, you will be able to determine how much more it will take you to whittle down. While using this tool, take care that the finished product should not fit too tightly in the keyhole. Else it will prevent the door from opening. With a little care you can solve your problem.

  • A metal paper clip: If you are in office and you get locked inside, don't worry. You can use that metal paper clip; you generally use to manage your papers to unlock yourself. How? It is quite simple. Firstly put the clip into a straight line. Remember there isn't any bending in the clip left and then just bend a very small loop. It needs to be done such that it fits easily into the keyhole. There are chances you might not get it done in first take, never mind. You can adjust the loop a few times and it will get the things done in right way.

  • A straight pin: Similar to the above method, if you are at home and locked you can use a straight pin to open the lock. Take a nail file to sand down the sharp point. Also prevent from harming yourself. Once you are done with sharp edge, insert the straight pin into the keyhole. Listen carefully and if you hear the lock engage, it will open.

In any case, you are unable to open the lock; you can always call the our locksmiths for help. They are experts and can handle your problem within matter of few minutes. Make sure you call a reputed locksmith, with experience of years in the industry. Else you will land up adding more to your problem!