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How To Open A Door Lock Without Keys?

25 August 2015 by: admin   /   0 Comments   /   Categories: Keys

If you are in a habit to lose the keys, you are definitely spending a huge amount on calling locksmiths. Definitely, you don't do it intentionally. But, this worries you greatly and costs you a reasonable amount. However, now there is a skip to this. What? Find it out.

Open A Door Lock Without Keys

You cannot leave your home without locking all the doors properly, isn't it? This is enough to understand the importance of locks and keys in our lives. With them one feels secure and can live with peace of mind. But, the same becomes a trouble and quite irritating when you accidentally leave the keys in office or you lose keys. There are number of thoughts coming through your mind. You get panic and try out some unnecessary methods to open the door, which lead you nowhere. Instead you land up enhancing the problem for yourself.

But not now! Read out some amazing ways to open your locks without keys.

Take out your bobby pins

It is a one of the most common lock picking idea. But only few know how to carry it accurately with the help of the humble bobby pins. As far as the efficiency of this technique is considered, it can be used to pick several locks. The other alternate to booby pins (in case you don't have any woman around) includes a butter knife.

Get a bump key

If you are used to losing keys now and then, you need to keep the bump keys handy. These specially crafted keys are basically used to unlock the pin based locking systems. The pin systems use a spring-loaded action. Hence, when the ridges of the bump keys are press against the corresponding pins, it opens the lock easily.

Carry some paper clips home

Returning from the office? You have some paper clips? If yes, then this is definitely a good sign. These paper clips might appear small to you, but they turn into a big help when it comes to lock picking. If you have employed weak locks, just a pair of paper clips will work for you. In case of stronger locks, you will need few other tools along with clips. You need bobby pins, wire clippers, a pair of pliers, etc. In this method, the aim is to use metal firmness of different objects to open the lock.

Thus, next time you don't have the keys for your locks, before you start fiddling with picking and breaking down your doors, make sure you put your hands on other valid options!

Have your credit card? Your problem is solved.

Yes, you read it right. You can now open a simple lock with help of your credit card. Well, if you don't believe it, then it is important you learn that this popular trick works ideally to get into your house with older doors. And if you have those laminated cards, the things get better and easier. If you don't have a credit card, you can search for some similar card in your wallet which is flexible. A gift card can also work.

All you have to do is put the credit card into the side of the door to be opened. Now slowly slide the card from the long end side between the door frame and the locking side of your door. Move it above the lock frame, keeping its angle downward and in such a way that it is behind the bolt of the lock. Make sure the card is perpendicular to the door.

Meanwhile you are experimenting with your credit card make sure you firmly pull the card, turning the handle slowly. For those who are lucky enough, the card will slide between the lock frame and the beveled interior side of the bolt. It will push the bolt out of the frame and you can then drag the card towards you. Now you can open the door.