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How to keep your keys safe?

25 August 2015 by: admin   /   0 Comments   /   Categories: Keys

Forgetting your keys is something normal. But, what more fearful is that anyone can misuse the key you lost. Yes, it is possible. Therefore, you need to keep your keys secure. How? Find out here.


Locks and keys are indispensible part of our lives. But, do you really care for them? If yes, then first ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you really think twice about leaving your keys on our desks?

  • Do you lend them to your friends, colleagues, etc. just like this?

  • Do you keep them anywhere, on table, in pocket or leave it inside your car?

Doubtful now! Most of the times, you ignore your safety without knowing that you are doing so. Just like putting your keys into risk. Your keys can be duplicated easily and your possessions can be harmed. Have a look at the different risks involved in keeping your keys unsafe.
If you are among those who underestimate the security risk to lost keys, you will be surprised to know that most of the break-ins occur due to the reason that thieves come across the keys.

Another thing, which is quite common for the people is that they keep car and house keys in their handbag or briefcase. In the same carriage you place all you important documents. It includes a driver's license, utility bills, etc., which clearly displays your home address. And this is all the burglar needs to locate your home. Unintentionally, you provide them quick and easy access to the steal even more number of valuable items from you.

In case you lost your keys, the first option to hit your mind is that replacing or rekeying the house locks. Well, this is not an easy task. Moreover, it cost you a good amount. On the other hand you cannot rest assured on the safety on the new keys.

The other thing you can go for is installing new locks, which in itself is expensive process. Not only this, these process makes it greatly stressful and time-consuming for you.
Hence, it is important to know how you typically treat your keys.

Your keys need the same vigilance just as your email password, credit card password, or your phone password. You know that it is necessary to keep your keys safe, but you are not sure about how. Here is a solution to your dilemma, read on to learn more:

Never flaunt your keys: The best way to keep your keys safe is keep it away from the crowd's eyes. You can keep your keys in a pocket, purse, or anything, depending on the situation, currently you are.
Remember the borrower: It generally happens; you forget to whom you gave your keys at the last. Be careful, you need to remember who you let borrow your keys. If you are weak at this part, keep it noted in your reminder. It can be a friend, mechanic or valet.

Keep your locks updated: Technology has now made it possible to keep your family, home, possessions, etc. safer than before. A number of hi-tech locks and other security systems are available, which can provide you enhanced security. Hence, if your lock system seems to be too old, it's time to change!

Never make them visible: The biggest mistake you do with your keys is that you neglect them at times. For example, you leave the keys in their locks, may be it is your windows or doors, never leave them unattended. Similarly, if you are in office, don't place them on your desk at work.

Do you keep your credit card password or phone password on your desk? Obviously no! Then why leaving your house or car keys open for the intruders. Even, if you have a key rack, make sure you keep it out of sight. Also, it should be far away from your windows and doors.